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(A varied selection of complete recent compositions may be found at the end of this site)
Founder, Composer, Writer for ‘Making it Up’ Music / Dance / Film

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Over 2014-2022…

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…40 Videos…
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…four films…

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 …music works…
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…dance / ballet pieces…
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Early work:
Playing Hammond Organ with the band Cressida

Cressida on stage - Bratislava 1969

Two ‘classic prog rock’ albums on Vertigo (V07 1970 and 6360025 1971)
There have been numerous re-issues, current releases:
‘Cressida : The Vertigo Years Anthology 1969-1971’ ESOTERIC Recordings ECLEC22348; on Vinyl REPERTOIRE V 120 / REP 2225 and V 119 / REP 2224; in Japan BELLE 172714/5/6
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In 2011 Cressida played a reunion gig at the Underworld, Camden, London. In 2013 a new Cressida album -‘Choices’-  was released.
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Other recordings include: Jabberwock ‘Sneakin Snaky’, MCA 1976; Dining at Dzerzhinsky’s, Y23 1981; The Nearest Thing, BlagCD2 1995.
Founder / Composer for Chimera Music Theatre & House of Turbot Creative Compositions


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P o r g e :
In May 2019 myself and George Hill released ‘Album One’ by Porge:
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From 2010-2013 I played keyboards with ‘The Tax’ (formerly Beta Rays)
From 2015-2018 I played keyboards with ‘The Ghost of Lemora’. Their third album ‘Love Can Be Murder’ was released in February 2021.


I am available for sessions: 
Yamaha MOX6; Hammond XK3c; Yamaha MX61; Kurzweil PC3x; Leslie 3300.
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Chris Welch, renowned music journalist, writes:
“Peter Jennings…compares favourably to Keith Emerson of ELP and Jon Lord of Deep Purple. One might even dare to suggest that in improvisational jazz terms he is a superior soloist; he is certainly more tasteful.
…One can imagine an audience of fellow organ players such as Brian Auger and Graham Bond staring nonplussed at Jennings stealing their thunder”.
(From the sleeve notes to the 2010 Repertoire re-issue of the Cressida albums).

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Stories and Poetry:


A Selection From Recent Compositions: